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JP Jaramillo


JP, a native of Arizona, was born and raised in the heart of Maryvale. At the age of 13, he started working for his family’s Mexican food restaurant, bussing tables and washing dishes on school nights and over the weekends.  After graduating high school, he jumped right into B2B sales for one of the nation’s largest computer hardware and software resellers.  Shortly thereafter, he fell into construction recruiting, where he’d spend the next 15 years working his way up from an entry-level recruiter to Vice President, along the way filling countless numbers of openings and building high-impact teams for general and specialty contractors ranging in value from $100M to $2 Billion.  

His proudest accomplishment, without hesitation, is his family.  Amanda, his wife of 17 years, his son Kaleb, his daughter Meadow, 6 siblings, his parents, and countless nieces and nephews are his everything.  JP’s wife would laugh if you asked what he does in his spare time because JP has no spare time.  He’s either working, coaching basketball, spending time with family, hunting, or coaching more basketball. 

Jessica Padilla Leukam


Jessica comes from a long line of electricians: grandfather, father, uncles, and cousins. Her dad is a general contractor, so she’s grown up around construction her whole life. With a natural passion for the creative process in building, she went on to complete her BA in Interior Design. Ultimately, she found herself in sales and marketing and worked her way up in the health and wellness space until landing a spot in construction where she has built up an entire marketing department from the ground up.

Her proudest accomplishments, no doubt, come when a marketing campaign and project is executed. The team puts so much collaborative thought and effort in what they do, and it never gets old for her to see that come to life for everyone to experience. 

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling the world, and spending time with her family and her adorable mini golden-doodle puppies. 



Nate majored in Computer Science but was looking for a different way to apply his skills and branch out. His brother, a construction manager, got him interested in construction, and he took the opportunity to run Business Solutions at an electrical contracting company. Since then, he’s joined NXG and feels at home; always motivated to continually learn more.

The honesty and accountability between each team member is what makes him love working at NXG. He knows he will be challenged every day by smart individuals who truly care about the company, industry, and himself. This creates a culture of helping others to succeed which is contagious and always pushes him to do his best.

Nate loves tennis, basketball, and trying new sports. He’s very close with his 2 brothers and always makes time to do things with them. Most recently, he’s started doing a lot of cooking and enjoys trying new cuisines at unique restaurants.



Early in her career, Kim worked in quality control for a manufacturing company before having the opportunity to work with more people in an HR capacity. There she learned to appreciate the cross-section of helping her teammates while protecting the company, and hasn’t looked back.

She loves that NXG values people and innovation so deeply, and the constant pursuit of excellence. “The minute a big project is finished, or a goal is met, we never sit back and relax, we are onto the next thing. As a company we are always looking to create more runway for our teammates.”

In her role she has the unique opportunity to have a big picture view of what is going on in different aspects of the company, and gets to talk to a lot of employees. She loves that over time, she sees people reach the goals and dreams they have spoken to her about through their own hard work and ambition. 

In her off time, Kim loves traveling, hiking, and spending time with her dog and family.


VP of Accounting

Jackie has her BA in Communications and was working public relations prior to her husband being relocated to Arizona. When they first moved, she started temping which brought her to both accountancy and construction. After being introduced to accounting, she realized how much she really enjoyed it and was good at it. She went back to school for her BS in Accountancy, Master’s in Accounting and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license while working full-time.  After graduating (again) she worked in public accounting for a few years to gain experience and eventually came back to the construction industry and hasn’t looked back since.

She loves that she feels valued at NXG. She knows her opinion is respected and what she contributes matters. 

Jackie’s proudest accomplishment is marrying her best friend in 2005 (and remaining best friends through all the craziness life has brought them)!  She loves being active and doing anything competitive. Her main hobbies include racing dirt bikes and training mixed martial arts (MMA), but she also loves mountain biking, hiking, camping, and motorcycle riding. Sundays are usually her “rest” days where you can likely find her napping on the couch, curled up with her puppy and husband. 

JD Martin

VP, Scalability

As a kid, JD was introduced to construction from the electrical contractor his stepfather worked for. He loves being an integral part of an innovative company within a dynamic industry, solving problems. JD has a passion for operations, and loves ensuring all NXG processes remain scalable, standardized, and sustainable. In addition, his years of hard work put into his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Masters degree in Servant Leadership, remains among his proudest accomplishments.

When not at work, JD loves to spend time with his wife, Charla, playing pickleball and watching their son, Evan, compete in tennis. JD also stays active by playing basketball, indoor soccer, and golf.

Jessica Grant MARTIN


Jessica’s first job after finishing her BS in Accountancy from Arizona State was for a residential painting company in Phoenix where she fell in love with the construction industry and the role Accounting positions played in it.

Jessica is proud of what the team at NXG has persevered through to get to where they are today, which was no small feat. Literal sweat and tears went into creating the culture and success that we all see today, and she wouldn’t change that path for anything.

Jessica and her husband, Justin, have 9 children at home in their blended family which keeps them on their toes. When they aren’t at the kid’s games or making a thousand chicken nuggets, they enjoy traveling, wine, working out, and binge watching the best new show they can find together.


Successful marketing campaigns consist of three key components: Ideal Clients, Powerful Messaging, and Effective Delivery.

The last component of a strategic marketing campaign is to measure its performance over time, determine what’s working (and what isn’t), and adjust the strategy based on this data. By leveraging multiple data collection platforms, aggregating and analyzing the data, and making calculated adjustments, we help ensure our clients’ campaigns continue to generate real-world results.

By tracking all of your sales activities and automating repetitive tasks, your sales team can spend less time on data entry and more on selling.

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We don’t rely on reactive talent acquisition strategies. Where we post jobs and wait for the candidates to flow in?

Many construction companies are really struggling to adapt to more proactive ways of finding talent in the current candidate shortages we’re seeing across the region.

Talent pooling is a crucial component of any construction company’s talent acquisition strategy and those that do it well are giving themselves a distinct advantage. This proactive talent acquisition approach will help construction and property development companies to move quickly when sourcing and securing talent.


The world is a speeding blueberry in the vastness of space. Technology improves at an expanding rate and we are at the head of our competitive industry using tomorrow’s innovative tools.

All design parties and consultants are involved in the design of the construction project, process and organization.

The use of BIM stimulates a comprehensive and integral approach leading to the best design. It also proves that the risks in the project are reduced considerably and substantial time gains can be achieved during the design and construction. This also means that the cost of financing during construction can be significantly lower than normally is the case.


Construction accounting is different from regular business accounting. In addition to the standard accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll transactions, construction companies deal with retention, job costing, change orders, progress billings, customer deposits, and other anomalies. These added facets make construction accounting different and require special processes.

The approved method of recording a construction company’s financial transactions is called the double-entry method, as it requires two entries to be made to a ledger to record each transaction. Smaller companies may be able to track and record these transactions in a spreadsheet or another simple format.